There  are many proverbs used when describing a day on the farm and one of the most frequent ones used is “ You never get two years alike”.. and thank God I hear you say when comparing harvest weather 2013 against 2012!!!! Weather conditions made harvesting relatively easy this year with excellent yields achieved in Winter Wheat and Spring Barley crops although there is a considerable price difference this year compared to 2012.

With the harvest nearing completion, now is the time to start planning for harvest 2014!! One of the main advantages of Autumn sown cereals is an early harvest the following year which is critical in the West of Ireland with our climate!

Winter barley drilling this Autumn will consist of the 2-row varieties KWS Cassia, California and Saffron.

Winter wheat drilling will consist of JB Diego, Avatar and KWS Lumos. Always make sure to have wheat sown in a rotation with either oats,maize or a root crop to reduce Take All!!

Winter oats drilling will consist of Husky or Barra.

Place your order early to avoid disappointment as supplies will be scarce!


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