Expert Advice

Soil Testing

With fertiliser prices at an all time high, you should ensure that you are applying the correct product and amount to your land. You soil fertility should be Index 3 and a target pH of 6.5 on mineral soils. We at Flynns offer a soil testing service so as to ensure that you are spreading the right amount. We stock a full range of fertilisers at competitive prices.

Animal Nutrition

SHEEP: With mid season ewes due for lambing in March,now is the time to start feeding concentrates either in pellet or ration form. We at Flynns stock a full range of sheep feeds in bulk and/or bagged form. We also have a prompt delivery service for bulk and/or bagged products. Also remember the most efficient way to feed the correct amount is to pregnancy scan and separate your ewes accordingly.

COWS: The Spring Calving Herd needs careful management all year round to maximise profits and especially running up to calving. Always ensure your cow has the proper Condition Score and ensure that the animal is on the correct plane of nutrition with adequate minerals in the diet. We at Flynns stock a full range of mineral supplements and concentrates to meet the animals needs.


With Harvest 2012 still fresh in all our minds, now is the time to plan for Spring Plantings 2013. It is important to do soil tests where needed and walk stubble ground to see if the use of Round-Up is warranted to control Scutch Grass or Annual Meadow Grass. Also after the difficult Harvest, soil compaction may be an issue on headlands so subsoiling may be required. The Recommended List of Varieties should be available shortly on the Department of Agriculture website.

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